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Here at Tyne Tees Property Buyers we pride ourselves on our simple, no nonsense approach.

However, there are a lot of companies out there who don’t practice the same approach as us and operate with practices that could potentially mislead sellers.


We are locally based cash buyers specifically looking for property priced up to £250,000.


Deal with a local buyer based in the North East that you can trust. Family run business for 15 years.


We can work around your timescales to complete, there is no pressure to move fast. We can even assist with moving costs if required

In August 2013 the Office of Fair Trading investigated prominent companies within the quick sale sector and identified six key areas and practices that consumers need to be aware of when dealing with a quick sale company.

Please see below for more information and our response to each point raised:

It has been reported that some house buying firms will offer higher than they intend to pay to enable them to get the business and will drop the price on or before completion. Some firms have been reported to reduce the price simply to make more money and they’ve done this on the day of exchange. Tyne Tees Property Buyers will agree a price on day one with you and this price is fixed subject to clear contract and RICS survey. The only time we would ever reduce the price is due to adverse reports or title issues, we would do this at the earliest opportunity, and you would never be tied into contract to complete with us.

Some companies advertise as cash buyers when in reality they are relying on an investor to purchase the property, or even advertise it on the open market for sale. Tyne Tees Property Buyers can provide proof of cash funds if required. If, for instance we can’t offer enough cash to buy your property we may introduce you to another buyer, however we will be involved in the transaction throughout and any 3rd party buyer will have been vetted personally by us.

This one’s really simple, Tyne Tees property Buyers will never ask you to pay any fee towards to transaction.

Tyne Tees Property Buyers will never ask you to enter into any legal agreements that restricts you from going elsewhere. We are that confident we can buy your property we simply don’t have contracts. No fuss, no hassle, no risk.

We are happy to share any reports that we produce on the property and these reports will always be from a recognised chartered awarding body such as RICS.

Our average purchase time is 11 days from start to finish. We can purchase within 7 days if required.

We have years of experience dealing with sellers in all kinds of circumstances and we know how important it is to be kept up to date on time, every time and not be misled.  You will only ever deal with one of the owners and will have all of our contact details.  There are no salespeople on commissions, no contracts to sign and you can withdraw from your sale at any time.  More importantly there are no deadlines and we are happy to work at a pace to suit you and your needs. So if you are looking to sell fast give us a call today on 01642 688580 or 0191 5804840 or contact us here. We can buy ANY North East Property Fast and for CASH.

Our friendly advisors are waiting to take your call and assist with any questions that you may have.